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    You all know about this sense of superiority when telling something like “Oh you know what he/she said or have done to me?”. So I am trying to write this down keeping the mystery of “it could be also my responsibility” inside the heart. So, here comes the experiment. I’ve made a list…

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LINFA. FOGLIA. SCORRERE (Anche quando lavoriamo con il corpo lavoriamo con le coscienze) In questi giorni con Jonas (AT teacher e assistente di Milne con craniosacrale) abbiamo avuto uno scambio intenso, quasi giorno e notte, 4 giorni di lavoro interrotto solo da 2 di insegnamento e preceduti da almeno 50 scambi di e-mail da settembre…

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Filo Fluido published by Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal published my article about swimming and meditation.       SWIMMING & MEDITATING: THE PERFECT COMBO You might have heard about the Taoist “being water” metaphor. This metaphor implies a passive process, but is a persistent, passionate, elastic inner trend we can develop. After 10 years of Tai Chi and Taoist yoga—being told to imitate water…

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Respicĕre (Not just for the International Women’s day)

Love yourself it’s stemming the tide of verbal and physical aggressions. Take some distance from the ones constantly interrupting you. Be thankful for the ones helping you and embracing you in the brave and intense condensing process. Some good souls take you by the hand in the direction of Essence, recognize them and be grateful.…

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10 things I’ve understood having my therapist sick

Becoming the guru of yourself means being able to live a life with the lightness you deserve. You become the witness of the strenght within the silence of the heart.      Some of us can decide to get to a therapist, time by time, to have a concrete help. And here is an advice:…

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