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Authenticity and Teachers

All that you’ve been learning is a jewel. You can make it brilliant if you give it back with authenticity and self respect and respect for others. The more I learn the more I see authenticity and “no-need-to-rush”attitude they go together. Calm mind as well. No fear is another aspect.   The world now is…

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Filo Fluido published by Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal published my article about swimming and meditation.       SWIMMING & MEDITATING: THE PERFECT COMBO You might have heard about the Taoist “being water” metaphor. This metaphor implies a passive process, but is a persistent, passionate, elastic inner trend we can develop. After 10 years of Tai Chi and Taoist yoga—being told to imitate water…

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10 things I’ve understood having my therapist sick

Becoming the guru of yourself means being able to live a life with the lightness you deserve. You become the witness of the strenght within the silence of the heart.      Some of us can decide to get to a therapist, time by time, to have a concrete help. And here is an advice:…

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