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The State of Mind called Beautiful

    Sayadaw U Pandita è il successore di Mahasi Sayadaw. È morto due anni fa, era nato nel 1921 ed è stato l’abate del Monastero di Panditarama e del centro di Meditazione a Rangoon, Burma. Tara Bennett-Goleman (autrice di Emotional Alchemy), quando parlava di quanto fosse illustre questo maestro, ne andava a sottolineare sempre la…

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The Meditation Project – 1. Paris (Ozan Tea)

The Meditation Project is conceived as a tool for everyone to get back to the idea that meditation is something different for each of us. There are some yoga or taiji or some eastern discipline schools, academy and similar, that will probably try to convince you or give specific skills as like as there is only…

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