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Elephant Journal published my article about swimming and meditation.


Photo: Jacob Walti / Unsplash Featured photo: Express Lane Photography / Flickr

Photo: Jacob Walti / Unsplash Featured photo: Express Lane Photography / Flickr




You might have heard about the Taoist “being water” metaphor.

This metaphor implies a passive process, but is a persistent, passionate, elastic inner trend we can develop.

After 10 years of Tai Chi and Taoist yoga—being told to imitate water and learn how to float—I felt stuck in my practice. I tried everything: I changed my teacher, my town, my mat and my friends. Nothing worked.

I was wondering what do we do with all the instructions that teachers give us in our yoga or meditation practice?

The process of transforming intuition into action can be fast and once the voice comes, the decision follows and changes are practically done. In some cases one’s hesitation and the time in between the real decision turns into a generator of doubts, tears, and internal fights.

I had to leave my yoga teacher, and stop chasing for certifications.

In order for the intuition to come back, everything needed to be erased.

As I worked back towards my idea of “natural flowing”, I started swimming and meditating. I had a swimming subscription as a gift from my mum and I got back to a meditation practice without making a real decision. It simply just happened.

How is water connected with meditation? The answer refers back to emotions.


To read the full article…jump on the Elephant 🙂

I will provide the italian translation as soon as possible.


Author: Elisa Cappelli

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: Jacob Walti  / Unsplash

Featured photo: Express Lane Photography / Flickr 


Posted on 22 Aprile 2016 in Soma & Soul

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  1. Name (required)marcello
    13 Giugno 2016 at 14:22 · Rispondi

    la faccio semplice e scrivo in italiano…:) ho letto tutto l’articolo e lo trovo effettivamente interessante, mi ha colpito l parte che accomuna meditazione e nuoto nella relazione con la gravita’, poi anche i pensieri sul bere e l’acqua in generale!

    parli anche di questo interessante concetto del being water che nn avevo mai sentito e ci pensero’ su .

    poi se posso darti anche io un concetto che poi e’ anche il titolo di un libro zen mind beginners mind di shunryu suzuky,, che ho sempre trovato fantastico perche’ rende molto lo stato che possibilmente dovrebbe accompagnarci nella vita , vigile, pulito,aperto, ricettivo pronto…infatti anche tu parli di cancellare no? e poi guarda caso e’ lo stato dei bambini per eccellenza no? che infatti sono dei maestri sotto alcuni punti di vista, come dicevamo anche ieri 😉

    • ieratica
      13 Giugno 2016 at 23:37 · Rispondi

      Grazie per questo titolo 🙂
      E per tornare all’immensa maestria dei bimbi!

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